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Some believe it's the proximity to the sea and nature. Others say that it has to do with the special light. It's like a little piece of summer lingers in Halmstad - all year round.

Halmstad is located in Halland, bordering in the north to Falkenberg and to the south towards Laholm. Halmstad is located midway between Gothenburg and Malmö.

Halmstad fascinates investors and tourist

Halmstad is Swedens 19th largest municipality with about 100.000 inhabitants. Halmstads location on the west coast is ideal for entrepreneurship and tourism. Companies are blossoming in Halmstad, the university is expanding and the population is growing each year. Halmstad occupies a favorable geographic location in southern Sweden

It’s close proximity to the rest of Europe benefits tourism and industry. Halmstad attracts thousands of tourists each year with miles of sandy beaches, fishing, numerous golf courses and rich variety of entertainment and culture.

The business community in Halmstad

Halmstad has a diversified business community with the majority of businesses represented. Companies vary from small to mid-sized. There is no single dominating company or industry. This kind of business structure creates a dynamic span.

The service sector is predominant. It includes a substantial and growing trading segment. Halmstad’s strategic location is attracting more logistics companies to set up in the municipality. The manufacturing industry is diversified and has a great potential. The entertainment industry, including tourism, is a very important means of income.

The public sector is a major employer. The county administrative board, county council, and county hospital are all based in Halmstad because it’s the county town and regional center. The Municipality and Halland County Council are the biggest employers. Halmstad is also home of Sweden’s unique rheumatic hospital.


Halmstad Direct
Phone: +46 35 - 13 70 00

Halmstad Direct is the official contact center that you can turn to with all matters and questions relating to our municipality.

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