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Welcome to Halmstad. We have a golden location, right on the west coast, in one of Sweden's most expansive regions. The logistical location is perfect and you have great connections by land, by the sea and by air.

In Halmstad you will find both green forests and also our great beaches. Here you have the possibility to combine entrepreneurship with beautiful and natural scenery and a rich leisure. Maybe that's why we in Halland have the best health and live the longest of all Swedes.

Help with establishing your business in Halmstad

There are a lot of important factors when you are thinking of expanding or moving your business to a new region, city or country. Of course there needs to be a market, suppliers, infrastructure, the right location and access to the right people can be crucial for success. We have the right network of contacts and the skills required to find constructive solutions for you.

See us at Halmstads Näringsliv as your link to the municipality and the business community. You take one contact with us and we make sure that you will advance forward and make contacts you need.

We welcome your questions. We're here for you!


Håkan Strömqvist
Direct: +46 35 - 13 74 09
Cell: +46 72 - 98 36 885

Håkan is our "Business pilot" and will assist you on any business related questions. Behind Håkan is Halmstads Näringsliv and our network.

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